Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Table Rock Lake Fishing Report – Report date: 4/4/13

Water level = 913.8’ – Rising Water Temperature = 48° to 52°

Weather wise, it’s been a cold and blustery spring but that’s beginning to change and the “spring fishing season” is starting to break.  The coves are loaded with shad, the white bass are beginning their run I understand, crappie are moving up into their spawning areas and the bass are beginning their spring migration.

I’ve had a tough spring and have not had what I consider a really good day until yesterday.  One day a season doesn’t make, but I’m convinced I did find out what I’ve been missing.  I’ve been fishing way too fast.  I blame part of this on what seems to be the ever present high winds.

As has been the case in recent weeks, I caught a couple throwing a Wiggle Wart on wind-blown points.  Throw the bait shallow and work it out off the point as well as in different directions across the points.

Yesterday, I also caught a couple of short bass and missed 2 or 3 throwing the Wiggle Warts parallel in about 8’ to 10’ in the creeks.  I slowed my retrieve and when I would come into contact with cover, I stopped the bait for a moment which seems to be the “ticket”.  I add a small piece of lead tape on the underside of the bait to allow it to suspend.

After throwing a Senko for an extended length of time as well as trying a Carolina rig on secondary points inside creeks without any success, I put on a 1/4oz. Haggerty Marabou jig (Dark Green) with a Yamamoto 4’ twin-tail matching trailer.

I threw the jig around boat docks and around shallow points.  I immediately started catching bass.  I cast the jig into shallow water and swam it out very slowly both on the points and around the docks.  My largest bass yesterday was a little over 5 lbs.

I spoke to a couple of different fishermen on the water yesterday and they had had limited success using a Rapala Shad Rap and an A-Rig.

With the water temp hitting the 50’s and spawn time nearing, the catch rate should increase for all of us.

A couple of items:

With the water level increasing daily, there is quite a bit of trash and brush/trees floating in the main lake.  Be on the outlook as you run the lake because there are some sizable logs, etc. floating that can ruin a good lower unit.

As you go into the coves or creeks, watch out for submerged timber especially out from and around many points.

Good luck and be careful.

I’ll see you on the water!

Tony Noland ® &

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